Jeep Compass, "A Sad Little Car"???

Date 2006/3/21 16:35:00 | Topic: Compass is running an article about the possibility of the Compass and Patriot diluting the Jeep brand to the point where the resale value of Jeeps may suffer.
If Jeep's image suffers, the average value of used Jeeps could slip from the current above-average 47% of the new price after three years to a well-below-average 42% or 43%, according to data from Automotive Lease Guide, a leading forecaster. "This could be a very interesting test" of how far the Jeep image stretches, says ALG President Raj Sundaram.

"The Jeeplets are going to start chipping away at the image," warns John Wolkonowicz, senior analyst at Global Automotive Group. "I'm very concerned about the Compass in particular. It's a sad little car."

Because they could boost sales and attract new buyers, Compass and Patriot could be "a brilliant move if the product follows through on Jeep's theme of capability," says Dan Gorrell, vice president at Strategic Vision, a research and consulting company.

Check the out the entire article - it includes a quote from a member of the Midwest Jeepthing club.

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