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Poll Question Total voters Total votes Expiration  
Would you pay $250 and drive up to 1500 miles to participate in (the as-of-yet unannounced)Camp Jeep 2010? 38 38 Expired Results
Your preference: Italian Jeeps or German Jeeps? 119 119 Expired Results
Will dealer closures affect your future Jeep purchases? 4 4 Expired Results
Will Jeep be Stronger After Chrysler's Bankruptcy? 67 67 Expired Results
My initial impression of the 2011 Grand Cherokee is... 55 55 Expired Results
When will Jeep sales turn around? 79 79 Expired Results
Is the Jeep Brand Cursed? 68 68 Expired Results
Which vehicle do you think will sell better? 96 96 Expired Results
When do you think we'll see a production Jeep EV? 40 40 Expired Results
Should the United States government bail out the Big 3? 157 157 Expired Results
If Chrysler has to sell the Jeep brand, where should it go? 113 113 Expired Results
If you were to buy a new vehicle, would the current fuel prices force you to look at brands other than Jeep? 138 138 Expired Results
Which would you rather attend? 79 79 Expired Results
Which would you rather purchase? 274 274 Expired Results
What effect will Project Genesis have on the Jeep brand? 73 73 Expired Results
Are you afraid of the Hummer HX? 60 60 Expired Results
What Jeep accessory would you like most for the holidays? 152 152 Expired Results
How much would you be willing to pay for ORT levels of performance? 89 89 Expired Results
Which Jeep do you think will be axed first? 69 69 Expired Results
What do you think of the ongoing dispute concerning the Jeep Grand Cherokee sudden acceleration issue? 83 83 Expired Results
2008 Liberty - Better or Worse than 2007 Liberty? 171 171 Expired Results
Chrysler LLC - Better or worse without Daimler? 135 135 Expired Results
What do you think of the new Jeep advertising campagin (Have Fun Out There)? 109 109 Expired Results
When was the last time your Jeep was off-road? 155 155 Expired Results
If you had to buy a 4x4 other than a Jeep, what would it be? 203 203 Expired Results
Would you buy a piece of Chrysler Group? 124 124 Expired Results
Other than the Wrangler, which Jeep model would you want most? 145 145 Expired Results
Would Jeep and the rest of Chrysler Group be better off without Daimler? 240 240 Expired Results
Jeep Patriot: Cherokee Reincarnated? 274 274 Expired Results
What do you think of the Jeep Trailhawk? 258 258 Expired Results
What would you rather have? 293 293 Expired Results
What is your favorite off-road surface? 123 123 Expired Results
Have you ever been on the Rubicon Trail? 106 106 Expired Results
Would you purchase a V8 Wrangler? 298 298 Expired Results
Would you be interested in a Jeep pickup? 403 403 Expired Results
How many aftermarket accessories does your Jeep have? 170 170 Expired Results
A Hybrid Jeep is... 223 223 Expired Results
If available, would you buy a diesel Wrangler instead of a gas-powered Wrangler? 144 144 Expired Results
How many times have you taken your Jeep off-road in 2006? 262 262 Expired Results
Would you purchase a diesel Wrangler instead of a non-diesel Wrangler? 433 433 Expired Results
The Jeep Compass: 241 241 Expired Results
Do you use the Calendar feature on our site? 87 87 Expired Results
Are you watching The Mudds? 139 139 Expired Results
My next Jeep will be a 122 122 Expired Results
Have you ever attended Camp Jeep (or Camp Jeep: On the Road)? 82 82 Expired Results
Have you seen a Commander on the road? 152 152 Expired Results
Compass Raylle or Patriot? 140 140 Expired Results
Will you be taking advantage of Employee Pricing? 57 57 Expired Results
Naming the 4-Door Wrangler the "Jeep Rescue": Good Idea? 139 139 Expired Results - better than mike's totally free jeep news? 191 191 Expired Results
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